Postdoc position in theoretical laser matter interactions at University College London, UK

The Attosecond and Free-Electron-Laser Science Theory Group at UCL,

is currently advertising a postdoc position (research associate) in the field of interaction of molecules with free-electron lasers. The aim of the position is to develop state-of-the-art quantum-mechanical techniques to address the cascade of photo-ionization and Auger processes encountered in the interaction of Free-Electron Laser pulses with molecules. The intriguing aspect of the interaction with FEL pulses is that the laser boils away the electrons from the inside out. Moreover, the project aims to address the interplay of electron and nuclear motion during the interaction of an FEL pulse with molecules. A fascinating aspect of our group's work is that our computational and theoretical tools allow us to predict new phenomena but also to explain experimental results and guide future experiments. We collaborate very closely with world leading experimental groups.

The successful candidate will have, preferably, a Ph.D in Atomic and Molecular Physics, excellent knowledge of quantum mechanics, very strong knowledge of computational languages and computational tools, a demonstrated track-record of independent research and an excellent knowledge of written English as well as excellent communication skills in English. The position is in the first instance for 16 months.

For inquiries regarding the position, please contact Prof. Agapi Emmanouilidou by e-mail at