Postdoc position in the Structural & Electronic Surface Dynamics group, at the Fritz-Haber-Institute, Berlin, Germany

The scope of the offered position is the investigation of the dynamical topological properties of photoexcited 2D materials and their heterostructures. The successful applicant will operate the in-house high-repetition-rate XUV trARPES setup to perform state-of-the-art experiments to investigate how ultrashort laser pulses can be used to tailor the topological properties of matter on ultrafast timescales. In order to achieve this goal, the successful applicant will also participate to the installation of a new high-repetition-rate optical parametric amplifier in order to produce intense mid-infrared pump pulses, that will be coupled to the existing trARPES setup. The research is part of the EU-funded project OPTOlogic (

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Closing date: Applications will be accepted from immediately until the position is filled, or latest
until December 31, 2020.