PostDoc position in experimental research on soft matter physics at the European Lab for Non-Linear Spectroscopy and University of Florence, Italy

Title of the position: “Structure and dynamics studies of soft condensed matter by means of innovative spectroscopic techniques”

As part of this project, we intend to implement and use innovative laser sources such as, for example, sources based non-linear conversions of laser pulses. With these sources we intend to create innovative spectroscopic techniques that allow experimental investigations complementary to other techniques. In fact, these innovative spectroscopic techniques will give access to structural and dynamic information on matter that cannot be obtained through the usual spectroscopic techniques. By means of the techniques developed, we want to investigate the molecular dynamics present in materials of different nature. A relevant example is represented by the collective dynamics that are generated during the formation of networks and / or aggregation of complex molecules (e.g. polymers or biomolecules). A special example is represented by the nucleation processes which underlie the formation processes of stable supramolecular structures. In particular, the phenomena of self-assembly of proteins remain poorly understood even if they are the basis of many biological processes including degenerative and dysfunctional ones of the nervous system. The research fellow will have to develop spectroscopic techniques based on laser sources and with these investigate the dynamic and structural processes in condensed phases of matter.

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Application deadline:    3 January 2022