Postdoc position, Computational Biophysics/Biochemistry, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

The team at the Institute of Nanotechnnology at KIT is seeking a talented postdoctoral researcher who will work on simulations of chromatin, protein-DNA interactions, DNA sequence analysis and design, as well as the development of automated workflows and multiscale modeling techniques.  

The candidate must hold an excellent PhD degree in physics, chemistry, biology, bioinformatics, biophysics or related interdisciplinary natural sciences, with a prior focus on the analysis and simulation of DNA and biological processes. Experience in the application (and/or development) of simulation methods for biomacromolecules and chromatin simulations, as well as DNA sequence analysis, and strong programming skills are necessary. Excellent English skills and the ability to conduct independent research are requested. Practical skills in machine learning and artificial intelligence are an advantage. We expect the ability and desire to work in a heterogeneous interdisciplinary environment.

The position is funded by the Carl-Zeiss Foundation Center for “Synthetic Genomics – writing the code of life” (CZS-Center SynGen). The press release about SynGen can be found here.

Deadline 31th July 2024