PostDoc & PhD positions in ultrafast spectroscopy at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

The Feldmann Lab at EPFL combines ultrafast magneto-chiroptical spectroscopy and materials chemistry to transform the way we produce and consume energy as a society. For this, we explore the concept of symmetry breaking in novel soft semiconductors and nanomaterials to control charge, spin and light with these printable materials. We work on uncovering the design rules which enable the next generation of cheap, efficient and flexible solar cells & ultra-bright displays, and unlock entirely new applications in quantum information technology. For more information, please check out

Our international, diverse team features chemists, physicists, materials scientists, electricalengineers and computer scientists alike, in order to tackle the biggest fundamental and applied research questions together.

We are hiring at all levels to join our Lab, once we have relocated permanently to EPFL (Switzerland) in early 2024.

With an earliest starting date of June 2024, we have openings for the following positions:

  • Master’s thesis research student in Physics/Chemistry/Materials Science or a related discipline (from EPFL or worldwide)

  • PhD student in Chemistry/Physics/Materials Science or a related discipline (4 years funded)

  • Postdoctoral researcher (1 funded position for an ultrafast spectroscopist; others would need to acquire a fellowship to join)