Postdoc/PhD in Ultrafast phenomena in cooperative systems, University Mainz, Germany

Brief project outlines:

Project A: The focus of the project is to study the interplay between lattice and electronic orders in systems with symmetry-broken ground states, and to manipulate these by light-driven ultrafast structural distortions. Here, the candidate will utilize femtosecond optical pulses to manipulate systems, pressure-tuned into the vicinity of (quantum) critical points. The position is embedded in the recently established Collaborative research Center Elasto-Q-Mat (, with close ties to crystal-growth/characterization and theory groups within the consortium.

Project B: The project will focus on light/strain driven manipulation of antiferromagnets. The work is embedded in the Collaborative research Center Spin+X ( and will first focus on collinear metallic antiferromagnets with high Néel temperatures and strong spin-orbit coupling, which offer new opportunities for applications in spintronics. Again, there are close ties to sample growth/device characterization and theory groups within the consortium.

The projects will be carried out in the group of Jure Demsar (, utilizing diverse femtosecond real-time methods.

Job Requirements for a PhD position:

Candidate must hold or be in a process to obtain a university degree (MSc degree or equivalent) in Physics (or similar), have excellent background in solid state physics and good communication skills. Experience is (ultrafast) spectroscopy, laser technology and familiarity with programming (e.g. Phyton) is desired.

Job Requirements for a Postdoc position:

Candidate must hold or be in a process of obtaining a PhD in Physics (on Physical Chemistry, Material Science, Electrical Engineering) and have ample experience in real-time femtosecond spectroscopy, excellent track record and good communication skills.


Interested applicants are encouraged to send a brief CV and a motivation letter to