Postdoc in Ultrafast X-Ray Studies of Next-Generation Battery Materials at DTU, Technical University Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark

DTU Physics is now advertising the first of four positions within the new project UltraBat - Capturing Ultrafast Electron and Ion Dynamics in Batteries - generously funded for 4 years by EU Horizon RIA with partners in Denmark, Germany, and France.

The positions at DTU Physics are centered around ultrafast (femtoseconds to nanoseconds) X-ray experiments using synchrotrons and XFELs, with a focus on charge injection, ion transfer, and structural dynamics in realistic and model systems for Li-rich compounds. The positions will span experimental efforts at large scale X-ray facilities, handling and reduction of very large data sets, data analysis, and simulations of X-ray scattering and spectroscopy signatures of dynamic processes in battery materials. The theoretical/ simulation efforts are supported by project partners from DTU Energy, and the experimental efforts are supported by project partners from European XFEL.


Deadline for application: 28 September 2023