Postdoc in Quantum Nanophotonics at Lens, Florence, Italy

The postdoc will work within the European program  Fet-Open for the project STORMYTUNE “Spectral-temporal metrology with tailored quantum measurements”. The goal is to design scalable single photon sources and more complex quantum states of light based on molecular emission and temporal shaping. The candidate will closely collaborate within Toninelli’s group to the other active EU projects.

I am looking for a proactive candidate with experience in one or more of the following fields: quantum optics, atomic and molecular physics, nanophotonics, cryogenic spectroscopy and integrated optics. The position is for 1 year (renewable) and the preferred starting date is June 2021.

The successful candidate will direct and develop research towards the realization of integrated sources of non-classical light and quantum sensors based on single organic molecules. (S)he will be involved in all project activities, from simulation to characterization of devices, participate in network meetings and workshops. The Post Doc will have access to state of the art quantum-emitter diagnostics and direct laser writing techniques at the premises of the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Florence ( and at the European Laboratory for Non-linear spectroscopy – LENS (

In order to apply, please contact Dr. Costanza Toninelli (