Postdoc and PhD position in the field of quantum optics at ELI Beamlines, Prague, Czech Republic

ELI Beamlines facility in Prague announces open positions at  in the field of:

 Application of quantum entanglement in biology and imaging:

1) postdoc position, potentially for up to 4.5 years

2) PhD position for 4 years

 Positions are about to be open until mid-2021

*** Requirements for the ideal candidate in the order of priority ***

 - Practical and/or theoretical experience with generation and analysis of entangled photon pairs

- MSc or PhD in Physics, Biophysics, Physical chemistry, Optics, Laser-science or related

- Experience with kHz fs laser amplifier systems

- Practical experience with time correlated single photon counting experiments

- Knowledge of nonlinear optics or ultrafast and coherent spectroscopy

- Practical hands-on experience with building experimental optical set- ups

- LabVIEW, Matlab, Python, C++ or related essentials

- Background in molecular physics, biophysics or chemistry

Anybody interested is encouraged to mail his or her questions or application, ideally including CV and motivation latter, to: