Post-doc positions in Attosecond Optoelectronics in band gap semiconductors at LIDYL, Saclay, France

The ATTOCom project, a joint project between LIDYL (CEA Saclay), LOA (ENSTA-Institut Polytechnique Paris) and
LCPMR (Paris Sorbonne University) laboratories, aims at understanding and controlling the attosecond emission from
high harmonic generation in band gap semiconductors. Optoelectronics is extending to the highly non-linear
regime. 2D and 3D semiconductors exhibits properties of high electron mobility that allows to drive
attosecond electrons currents in the conduction band when submit to a strong laser field. The candidate will
apply a novel technique based in our lab to induce a strong localization in time, at the single optical cycle, of
the harmonic generation process. This control will be used to prepare a new generation of petahertz
optoelectronic devices. Based on our group expertise, experimental and theoretical resources, the fellows
will seek for efficient ways to control on attosecond time scale the harmonic emission. CEP studies of the
harmonic emission correlated to the petahertz electron current will be performed. The candidate will
develop scheme for the generation of isolated attosecond pulses using intrinsic and extrinsic HHG control.

Positions conditions: The candidates should have solid skills in one or more fields: strong-field physics, HHG
spectroscopy, photo-electron spectroscopy, ultrafast condensed matter, ultrafast laser science. Post-doc
candidates have to demonstrate autonomy, creativity and leadership (please provide at least 2 letters of
recommendation, a motivation letter, a list of publication). Salary is in a range between 2200-2800 euros
net/month for a post-doc depending on the fellow expertise/ experience.

CEA-Saclay (20 km south of Paris). LIDYL Laboratory
LOA Laboratory – ENSTA –Institut Polytechnique Paris
Starting date: January 2022 Contract duration: 2 years, extendable.
Contact persons : Willem Boutu and H. Merdji
e-mail :