Post-Doc position in ultrafast multi-pulse spectroscopy of molecular systems designed for sustainable energy production at University of Strasbourg, France

The 2-years post-doc position is located in the ultrafast spectroscopy lab at the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Materials Strasbourg (IPCMS-DON, Dr. J. Léonard & Pr. S. Haacke). For an overview of our current research see here.

The first year of the post-doc position will be devoted to up-grading the 2DES set-up by the use of a Dazzler pulse shaper (FastLite, Inc.). After a thorough characterization phase, you will use the set-up for new experiments on the above molecular systems, with the aim of exploring e.g. the excitation wavelength dependence of the functional photo-reactions. You will nurture these project with your own new research ideas and be at the forefront of exchange with the chemistry partners. The synergy with the chemists is key to the development of molecular materials with improved photo-sensitzing properties. Besides, the early career scientist will independently pursue, publish outstanding papers and publicize his work at conferences, mentor graduate students, and participate in fundraising efforts. This new project builds on our previous results, with the next challenge being to apply to 2DES and pump-IVS for the first time to molecular systems designed for sustainable energy production.

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