Post-doc position in ULCD group at MPIK-Heidelberg, Germany

MPIK-Heidelberg offers a position as a Post Doctoral Research Associate in the Ultrafast Liquid Crystals Dynamics (ULCD) group.

The research program at the ULCD group, started in May 2020, aims at the manipulation of the electronic transport properties in soft matter via a time-dependent control of the microscopic interactions via strong periodic drives, such as the fields of ultrafast optical pulses.

Specifically, the group is focusing on liquid crystals, a unique state of matter which bridges liquids and solids, allowing for a controllable tuning of the interaction complexity, from randomly distributed molecules (liquid) to a well-organized structure (solid). To this goal the key element is driving out-of-equilibrium collective oscillations which will force the excited neighboring molecules to modify their intermolecular distances.