Post doc position in experimental attosecond spectroscopy of magnetic materials at CEA-Saclay, Paris, France

A 2-year postdoctoral position to work on attosecond spectroscopy of magnetic materials is open in our team at CEA-Saclay.

Our team is developing attosecond pump-probe spectroscopy of bulk and structured magnetic materials, in order to access magnetic dynamics with unprecedented time resolution. To this aim, we are developing and operating two state-of-the-art beamlines, based on gas-phase High Harmonic Generation. In particular, we are searching for new forms of ultrashort light pulses that can enhance specific magnetic signal signatures, playing on both its spin and orbital angular momenta.

The post-doctoral fellow will have a strong experimental background in experimental physics, ideally with ultrafast lasers and either attosecond light pulses or ultrafast magnetism.  The position is a 2-year contract, funded by the French Research Agency (ANR HELIMAG) and the ERC Starting grant Spinfield. The fellow will join a team of 6 persons, including 3 PhD students, who are sharing two attosecond beamlines.


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Questions prior to formal applications are most welcome to and