PhD student position Biochemistry, Stockholm University, Sweden

We search for PhD candidates for mechanistic studies of proteins catalyzing biological energy conversion, in particular enzymes responsible for cellular respiratory or photosynthesis. The project is focused on how membrane-bound enzymes systems capture chemical or light energy, and catalyze electron transfer coupled proton transport across biological membranes. The project will address the structure, function, and dynamics of these fascinating proteins by experimental biochemical, biophysical or structural methods (mutagenesis, spectroscopy, proteoliposome experiments, cryoEM) or computational multiscale simulations approaches (QM/MM, molecular dynamics, free energy methods, machine learning). The PhD candidate will work closely with other PhD students, postdocs and senior scientists of the lab in an interdisciplinary team. Several projects related to bioenergetics and protein function are possible depending on background and interests of the applicant.

Deadline 23th April 2024