PhD solvent effects in the dynamics of biologically relevant model systems like nucleobases at the University of Hamburg, Germany

The dynamics of molecules is strongly dependent on the environment. Hydrogen bonds are of universal importance in chemistry and biochemistry and, therefore, it is of great interest to bridge the gap between single isolated molecules and molecules in solvation.

In this exciting novel project, the influence of single water molecules attached to building blocks of life, e.g., adenine, thymine, or uracil, on the photo-induced electronic dynamics will be investigated in isolated microsolvated systems. The size selected clusters will be studied using photoelectron- and ion-coincidence-imaging techniques. Recording and correlating all photo fragments allows for a reconstruction of the complete dynamics potentially even in the molecular frame. Furthermore, the dynamics of specific and unspecific hydrogen bond interactions will be investigated by varying the distance between the solvent and the biomolecule while studying the induced photo-driven processes. The above-mentioned studies will be done in an ultrahigh vacuum using molecular beams and light sources such as high-intensity lasers, synchrotrons, and free-electron lasers (FELs).

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Application deadline: 16 September 2022