PhD positions in the spectroscopy of electrified interfaces. Theory and IR-ViS SFG at Liverpool / Rutherford Appleton labs, England

The University of Liverpool,  STFC’s Central Laser Facility (CLF)  and STFC’s Scientific Computation Department (SCD) have teamed up to offer two PhDs studying the physical chemistry, computational chemistry and surface spectroscopy of electrochemical interfaces relevant to sustainable chemistry.

(1) Experimental PhD: teaming up between CLF and University of Liverpool, you will learn how to perform spectro-electrochemistry at the electrode interface with surface sum frequency generation spectroscopy. You will help develop a new spectrometer at the Central Laser Facility and then, in collaboration with a theoretical PhD student (see below), apply your skills to further the understanding of electro-catalytic water splitting at metal oxide interfaces.


Deadline for application: 10 April 2023


(2) Theoretical PhD: teaming up with the SCD and University of Liverpool, you will learn the latest techniques in molecular scale computational chemistry/physics simulations and develop a package of techniques for the simulation of vibrational spectra at electrochemical interfaces. Then, in collaboration with the experimental PhD student above, you’ll be able to apply these skills and techniques to problems in electro-catalytic water splitting and CO2 reduction.


Deadline for application: 1 April 2023


The award will cover fees and an annual stipend at the EPSRC-DTP rate (currently £17,668 p.a.) for a period of 3.5 years

Informal enquiries should be addressed to Prof Alex Cowan (, Dr Paul Donaldson ( and Dr Gilberto Teobaldi (