PhD position on Phonon-Driven Ultrafast Switching of Macroscopically Ordered Solids at FHI, Berlin, Germany

Within the newly founded “Max Planck - Radboud University Center for Infrared Free Electron Laser Spectroscopy”, the THz Structural Dynamics group and the Lattice Dynamics group at Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society (Department of Physical Chemistry) offer a joint (fully funded) PhD position.

This Berlin-based position offers the unique opportunity of combining the realms of tabletop high-field THz/MIR spectroscopy and FEL-based MIR nonlinear microscopy. By these two complementary approaches, we aim to understand and control phonon-driven switching of ferroic material properties, such as magnetization or ferroelectricity. 

Further details and direct application:

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Deadline for applications: Oct 31st, 2021.