PhD position Molecular Physics, Laboratory Waves and Complex Media, Normandy University, Le Havre, France

The dissociative recombination, the ro-vibrational excitation and the dissociative excitation by electron impact on molecular positive ions (cations) are major processes in the kinetics of non-equilibrium ionized media, in particular of edge plasmas in thermonuclear fusion reactors, of atmospheres – of the Earth or of other planets – and of interstellar media . These processes involve a large number of molecular super-excited states via diverse interactions, which make their theoretical and experimental study complex, but very challenging due to the wealth of quantum mechanics aspects to understand and predict.
In the group Reactive Processes/Electronic Collisions of LOMC, we study these reactions, improving progressively the accuracy of our models, accuracy tested by detailed comparisons with the experiments in storage rings. The PhD we propose aims the study of the above-mentioned processes in the case of the diatomic Hydrogen (H2+) and of hydride ions - BH+, BeH+, NH2+, CH3+. It will be performed using methods based on the Multichannel Quantum Defect Theory, on the R-Matrix Theory and on the Quanum Chemistry.


Deadline 30th June 2024