PhD position in Ultrafast X-ray Spectroscopy at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, Germany

In our Department for Atomic-Scale Dynamics in Light-Energy Conversion at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB) we develop and employ ultrafast techniques based on laser, X-ray, and electron pulses to unravel elementary energy conversion pathways in photocatalytic, photovoltaic and photoswitching materials.

As a doctoral student you will work in the field of ultrafast X-ray spectroscopy and molecular photocatalysis. You will investigate excited-state charge-transfer dynamics in photocatalytic transition-metal complexes and other catalytic materials such a covalent organic frameworks (COFs) using state-of-the-art ultrafast spectroscopies in the lab and at synchrotrons (such as BESSY II) and X-ray free electron lasers. Such atomic-scale mechanistic studies are pivotal for the rational control and bottom-up design of novel photocatalytic materials for, e.g. for water splitting, CO2 reduction, and cross-coupling reactions in organic chemistry.


Deadline for application: 12 February 2023