PhD position in ultrafast dynamics of Mott insulators, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

The Ultrafast Dynamics Group in the Department of Physics of ETH Zürich has an open PhD position which focuses on ultrafast dynamics of Mott insulators.

The aim of this project is to investigate ultrafast dynamics in Mott insulators, in particular GaTa4Se8. A volatile drop in electrical resistivity can be triggered in these materials following the application of an electric field pulse or exposure to an ultrashort THz pulse. Our goal is to characterize the resulting low resistivity phase as well as the nature of the ultrafast transition leading to it, using a combination of ultrafast spectroscopy in the THz, mid-infrared and x-ray frequency ranges.
This project will be based in Prof. Steven Johnson’s Ultrafast Dynamics Group at ETH Zürich and conducted under Dr. Elsa Abreu’s leadership.

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