PhD position in Theoretical Chemical Physics at Fysikum, Stockholm University, Sweden

Stockholm University seeks to recruit a candidate for a PhD position working on new approaches for spectrum simulations with state-of-the-art quantum chemistry. The work will focus on the development of ab initio calculations of x-ray spectra for the study of the electronic structure and photo-induced processes. You will work both with existing software and develop code. The training is focused on theoretical studies, but the project is based on a close collaboration with leading experimental groups, developing , in particular time-resolved, X-ray spectroscopy.

You will be supervised by Michael Odelius at the division of Chemical Physics. The research interests in the Molecular Dynamics Quantum Chemistry group range from accurate quantum mechanical studies of small molecules to realistic simulations of eletrolyte solutions and photovoltaic materials. New approaches for spectrum simulations are developed with state-of-the-art quantum chemistry, and in particlar dynamical effects on chemical and electronic processes are investigated. For more information about the research group, the project, and the funding agency, see:

Supervisor's university web page
Project web page in national database

Atomic, Molecular and Complex Quantum System Physics is one of the leading research areas at Stockholm University and also an area at the Faculty of Science that have been selected to profile the University. The research at the Division of Chemical Physics spans over a wide range of experimental and theoretical projects.


Deadline for application: 29 September 2023