PhD position in Molecular Imaging of Conjugated Polymers, University of Birmingham, England

Position available for a 3.5 years PhD at the University of Birmingham, commencing in October 2022.

The position is on an exciting project, at the very centre of research in our lab, dealing with “Molecular Imaging of Conjugated Polymers”.

The successful candidate will have access to a unique scanning tunnelling microscopy and electrospray deposition (STM-ESD) equipment to investigate novel n-type conjugated polymers (CP) used for thermoelectric, optoelectronic and bioelectronics applications. In particular, s/he will analyse the sequence and conformation of these polymers with sub-nm resolution in order to deliver a molecular-scale benchmark for the design principles employed in their synthesis. Moreover, s/he will study the interaction of molecular dopants with the n-type donor-acceptor (D-A) CPs with the aim to establish the exact location, conformation, and type of interaction between dopants and host polymers. This information is vital for understanding the effect of doping on the charge transport of these materials but cannot be determined by any other current technique at the molecular scale.

Enquiries and informal applications should include a C.V. and be addressed as soon as possible to Prof. Giovanni Costantini (