PhD position in fs-laserstructuring and selective etching of lithium niobate, Helmut-Schmidt-Universität in Hamburg, Germany.

he „Experimental Physics and Material Science“ group at Helmut-Schmidt-Universität has an open PhD position in fs-laserstructuring and selective etching of lithium niobate.

Your project:
Selective etching and fs-laser structuring of Lithium niobate for microoptofluidics:
In this project a method to selectively etch fs-laser written structures in LN shall be discovered and systematically investigated. You will work hands on with the fs-laser structuring setup and also in a cleanroom environment for chemical etching. Your work shall should pave the wave to combine both photonic elements i.e. waveguide- (laser-) source, frequency conversion, lenses with microfluidic elements monolithically in one single LN chip for lab-on-a-chip applications such as optical detection and investigation of biomolecules.

Our offer:
▪ You will be working with an interdisciplinary research topic covering a variety of fields such as laser material processing,
microstructuring of optical materials, integrated photonics as well as microfluidics.
▪ Combining both integrated photonics and microfluidics for lab-on-a-chip applications is a high impact topic what might allow
you to publish in high ranking journals such as Lab on a Chip.
▪ The research assistant position is defined for 3 years, E13 TVöD (66.7%).

We are looking for a highly motivated colleague with:
▪ M.Sc./Diploma degree in physics, electrical engineering or a related field
▪ Experience with experimental work in the field of photonics, optical materials and/or microfluidics
▪ Knowledge of laser material processing and integrated optics would be a plus.

Contact information:
If you are interested in working on an interesting high-impact research topic, in an interdisciplinary, international working
environment with very well equipped labs (e.g. clean room, laser labs) please contact:
Dr. Kore Hasse (