PhD position Bidimensional Materials, Nanoscience IMDEA, Madrid, Spain

The position is offered within the IDEAL program and is supported by a COFUND MSCA. The PhD candidate will be part of a dynamic and interdisciplinary research group focused on the exfoliation and time-resolved optical characterization of bidimensional materials.

We propose a PhD project where the candidate will study the photophysics and photonic properties of 2D materials obtained through two different methods. The candidate will acquire skills in 2D monolayer production via both Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Liquid Phase Exfoliation (LPE). The project involves optical coupling between 2D materials and photonic structures, including the fabrication of distributed feedback lasers with 2D-based layers deposited on diffractive structures such as 1D gratings obtained or similar systems. Additionally, the project will address the fabrication of microlasers based on 2D material-doped fibers obtained by electrospinning.

Applicants are required to have a Master's degree in Physics or a related discipline and should ideally have experience with laser setups and/or pump-probe techniques. Interested candidates should send an email to