PhD position available to work on probing dynamics in battery materials (S-487) at European XFEL,

The successful candidate will work closely with the instrument scientists at FXE and our collaborators within the UltraBat project at the CNRS, the Danish Technical University (DTU) and the Collège de France to develop and perform ultrafast X-ray measurements on battery materials at the European XFEL. This PhD position is part of a Horizon Europe project focused on capturing ultrafast electron and ion dynamics in batteries with collaborators providing expertise in sample preparation, ultrafast optical characterization, NMR, X-ray techniques and theory.  The candidate will work closely with a joint post-doctoral position (S-486) also available through the UltraBat project. The specific tasks are:

  • To evaluate the state of the art in battery materials dynamics to identify the timescales and X-ray techniques of interest to the UltraBat project
  • To work closely with the postdoc and project partners on the planning, execution and data analysis of X-ray measurements at the European XFEL and other X-ray facilities to characterize battery materials both in steady-state, in operando, and optically triggered environments
  • Process time-resolved X-ray data using existing and new software tools.
  • Explore diverse sample preparation methods for X-ray experiments.
  • Participate in measurements with our UltraBat collaborators.


Deadline for application: 4 December 2023