PhD position at the Helmholtz-Lund International Graduate School, Hamburg, Germany

In-operando investigations of structure and function of nanowire optoelectronics

In the frame of this project we will employ newly developed X-ray coherent scattering methods such as Bragg coherent X-ray diffractive imaging and ptychographyto reveal structural changes in NWs in devices and under applied voltage in combinations with electron microscopies as well as, electrical and optical device measurements. By these studies we plan to determine strain and deformation of single nanostructures with applied voltage in-situ and in-operando with high spatial resolution and correlate this directly with their electronic and optical response as measured with high time and spatial resolution. The particular nanowire devices to be studied will be chosen for both their potential applications and the opportunity to obtain a fundamental understanding of the structure function relationship of semiconductor nanostructures as they function in real devices.

Deadline 28thFebruary 2021