Open Position: Head of the Department "Laser Development“ at Max Born Institute, Berlin, Germany

Currently, MBI seeks the appointment of the head for department B3 of the institute, devoted to “Laser Development”. This department is part of the Transient Electronic Structure and Nanophysics Division of the institute, led by Prof. Dr. Stefan Eisebitt. The main role of the B3 department head is to lead the development and adoption of the next generation of HHG driver laser systems. Research in department B3 is focused on the development of state-of-the-art short pulse laser systems in conjunction with their application, tightly connecting with the research on ultrafast phenomena in condensed matter and magnetic systems. This currently includes in particular state-of-the-art, high average power OPCPA systems, their application as drivers for secondary generation of x-ray pulses e.g. via high harmonic generation, and generally for pump-probe experiments at a variety of wavelengths. It will be the task of the future department head to coordinate the research activities in department B3, and to assume responsibility for the development of new and promising future research directions, including the attraction of external funding.


Deadline for application: 15 January 2024