Open PhD and PostDoc positions at the University of Pavia, Italy

Two PhD and PostDoc positions are available in the Laboratory for Ultrafast X-ray and Electron Microscopy at the University of Pavia, IT ( in ultrafast Coherent Diffractive Imaging of functional nanomaterials with electrons and EUV light sources.

Research Topics ( Targeted functionality in hierarchical architectures can be engineered by controlling their assembly, heterogeneity, disorder, thereby dramatically increasing the exploration space for enhanced function. We harness ultrafast methods for EUV microscopy and electrons speckle imaging to:

  • Understand the role of heterogeneity, interfaces, disorder in 2D nanostructured assemblies
  • Characterize hierarchical architectures beyond equilibrium
  • Exploit advances in imaging modalities across multiple scales

Research facilities ( The Laboratory is located at the Department of Physics at the University of Pavia (IT) and it hosts:

  • A Ti:sapphire ultrafast regenerative amplifier with tuneable average pulse energy
  • A tabletop EUV/soft X-ray beamline from High-Harmonic Generation for Ultrafast EUV/soft X-ray Ptychography
  • A compact beamline for Ultrafast Electron Diffraction & Speckle Imaging, where we also develop new methods of image reconstruction from compact sources with partial spatial coherence

PhD candidates: should have graduated in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering or related subjects and be passionate about scientific research and innovation.

PostDoctoral Fellows:  Hands on experience with ultrafast lasers, linear and non-linear optics, time-resolved techniques is highly appreciated.

The description of the open positions is available at:

How to Apply: Send to your application including a CV, Motivation letter, Research summary/experience, Reference letter or contacts. Applications will be considered immediately until the positions are filled.