One-year position on machine learning/GPU code development at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

The Autonomous University of Madrid offers a one year contract financed by the Comunidad de Madrid (Spain) within the framework of the project “Ab initio simulation of tandem mass spectra (MS2)”  SI3/PJI/2021-00463.  

They are looking for a researcher or computer engineer to participate in the Project by extending and improving the software used to simulate fragmentation (also kwnown as tándem mass spectra, MS/MS or MS2) of small molecules (drugs, metabolites or pesticides) 

It is possible to participate in training courses and workshops related to the subject of the project that could be of interest to the person hired. Also the possibility to attend conferences during the year of the contract.  


  • 1 year: From January 1st 2023 to December 31st 2023 
  • Gross Salary: 1650 €/month

Merits to value: 

  • Degree in Computer Science or high knowledge of computer science.  
  • Experience in scientific programming languages: Fortran 90, C, C++, Python, etc. 
  • Experience in mix programming: CPU-GPU, OpenCL or CUDA. 
  • Experience in database design, web pages, creation or graphical user interfaces (GUI). 
  • Having worked previously in research will be valued.  
  • Knowledge of Chemistry or Physics Will be positively valued, but it is not required. 

Post functions:  

  • Programming and optimization fo the simulation software.  
  • Creation of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the code.  
  • Creation and manegement of a databes to store the spectra obtained with the program.  
  • Creation and management of a website for the project. 
  • Paralelization and migration of the code to run in CPUs.  

Contact information:

           Ana Martín Sómer

          Assistant Professor 

          Applied Chemistry Department 

          Mód. 14, Office 310. Facultad de Ciencias.  

          Universidad Auónoma de Madrid.