Joint MPK / MPI-SD Postdoctoral Position in Ultrafast Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Solids (Theory), Max Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg, Germany

The Center for Attosecond Science and Technology of Max Planck POSTECH/Korea research initiative (MPK, Prof. Dong Eon Kims group) and the Max Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamics of Matter (MPI-SD, Prof. Angel Rubios group) are inviting applications for a postdoctoral position in theoretical nonlinear ultrafast spectroscopy of condensed-matter systems, in close collaboration with our ongoing and future experimental efforts. The successful candidate will be based in the group of Prof. Angel Rubio at MPI-SD Hamburg-Germany and has the opportunity to visit MPK on a regular basis.  

Our MPK / MPI-SD collaboration is specially interested in exploring and controlling the ultrafast electron dynamics in quantum materials at the sub-femtosecond time scale following the interaction with ultrashort lasers. Typical research questions include: can the nonlinear response of the system encode topological structural information, such as the Berry curvature or topological invariants in materials with non-trivial topology? Is it possible to track in real time the evolution of anomalous effects in quantum materials, such as chiral fermions physics in Weyl semi-metals, via non-linear spectroscopy techniques?  

The successful candidate will focus on developing, validating and optimizing new theoretical tools, both analytical and numerical, to describe the fundamental mechanisms involved in high harmonic generation or photoelectron emissions (ARPES) measurements to investigate the physical processes above mentioned in topological insulators, Weyl-Dirac Semimetals and 2D or 3D materials (TMDCs, van Der Waals materials). This position provides a unique opportunity to pursue fundamental studies in the emerging area of ultrafast condensed-matter physics with far-reaching impact on the theoretical as well as experimental research at POSTECH / MPI-SD and beyond.

The successful candidate will be appointed as a researcher of MPK & MPI-SD, and will stay at the Max Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamics of Matter (Hamburg, Germany) with a possibility of visits to Max Planck Institute in Korea for short periods. The initial appointment is for one year and continuation for a second year will depend on the PD performance during the first year.

We prefer to the applicant who has (1) experience with ab-initio calculations of electronic structures of solids (e.g. Vienna Ab-initio Simulation Package (VASP) or an equivalent, as QUANTUM ESPRESSO, Tight Binding Models and OCTOPUS packages).

(2)  experience in computer programming using C/C++ or FORTRAN, Python, Mathematica or Matlab, specially in parallelized schemes such as Message Passage Interface and OpenMP or work with HCP. Excellent communication skills, especially in writing original scientific research through peer-reviewed publications.

 Documents to be submitted:

  • A PhD in Physics, (Condensed-Matter or Quantum Optics) Computer Sciences or related field.
  • CV and publication list.
  • Cover letter or statement of research including past achievements a well as future perspectives. Two letters of recommendation.

 For more information

Contact Dr. Alexis Chacon ( on half of Prof. Dong Eon Kim ( ) and Prof. Angel Rubio ( );