Doctoral Student in the Field of Quantum Dynamics with Master in Theoretical Chemistry or Physics, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Germany

In the Helmholtz Young Investigator Group Theory of Electron Dynamics and Spectroscopy, we develop highly accurate theoretical methods to characterize complex energy transfer processes in atoms and nano clusters of relevance, e.g., for solar or quantum technology. Our focus does not exclusively lie on traditional wavefunction approaches, but likewise on their analogy based on machine learning as well as quantum compute algorithms.
The DFG-ANR project “Full quantum dynamics of the interparticle Coulombic electron capture” is a cooperation with two universities in Paris and the University of Tübingen. With the MCTDH(F) method the dynamics of a scattering electron with a Ne-He cluster is simulated including cluster decomposition. As a doctoral student in this Franco-German cooperation project, you have the chance to extend the given electron dynamics tools by a quantum-mechanical description of the nuclear dynamics.


Deadline for application: 22 February 2023