Division Leader, Lasers for Science Facility, Didcot, Oxfordshire, England

We are recruiting a leader for the CLF’s Lasers for Science Division following the retirement of the current incumbent. This position is a senior management role in CLF and STFC, with responsibility for three of the CLF’s five operational laser facilities: Artemis produces ultrafast XUV (10-100’s eV) pulses through high harmonic generation. Vacuum beamlines deliver the light to end-stations for condensed matter physics and gas-phase chemistry. Experiments on Artemis investigate ultrafast dynamics in experiments on gas, liquid and solid materials. Octopus is a suite of advanced laser-based imaging and laser trapping capabilities, including the four main types of super-resolution microscopy, single molecule imaging and tracking, confocal microscopy, light-sheet microscopy, and focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy for life, environmental, and materials sciences. Ultra is a pump-probe ultrafast spectroscopy facility combining laser, detector and sample manipulation technology to probe ultrafast molecular dynamics for innovative research in the physical and life sciences. Areas of research on Ultra include catalysis, energy, and the dynamics of biological macromolecules. Artemis and Ultra are currently being upgraded with a £17M investment, HiLUX, that will employ new laser and detector technology and advanced data analysis techniques to unlock new science areas and increase output by greatly reducing experimental timescales. Artemis, Octopus, and Ultra are located in Research Complex at Harwell, a multidisciplinary building housing academic research groups as well as the CLF and other facilities.


Deadline for application: 1 March 2024