Assistant professor High Energy Density Physics at LULI, Ecole Polytechnique, France

Ecole Polytechnique opens a 5 years assistant professor position at LULI laboratory in Palaiseau, France. This position is open within the framework on a new “High Energy Density” Physics (HEDP) chair at Ecole Polytechnique. The chair, in close partnership with CEA, aims first at promoting HEDP by developing new plasma physic courses at Ecole Polytechnique and secondly at strengthening the HED research activity at LULI.

HEDP encompasses a wide range of physics from Inertial Confinement Fusion to materials under extreme conditions, laboratory astrophysics (study of shocks and jets in astrophysics, radiative hydrodynamics, hydrodynamic instabilities, etc.), the study of the regime of dense and warm matter for planetology (phase transition at high pressures, equation of state...). LULI has been leading the development of HEDP in France for the last 30 years in particular thanks to its high energy laser facilities (LULI2000). New opportunities are now emerging, first with the renewed interest in ICF due to the achievement of Ignition in the USA and the ramping up of the fusion program led be CEA on the Laser MegaJoule in Bordeaux, and with the development of new facilities coupling high power lasers with very high brightness X-ray sources such XFEL or synchrotons (MEC, EUXFEL, ESRF, SACLA).

The candidate should have a strong expertise in HED physics either experimental or theoretical, ideally both. The position comes with funding for phd students and starting money to carry out experimental campaigns. The candidate will define and implement the new plasma courses. In addition, he will organize workshops on HEDP at the Ecole with the purpose of animating the French and International scientific community on this topic. The teaching project (60 h/year) will focus mainly on plasma physics at the third year of Ecole Polytechnique . This subject has been prioritized by Ecole Polytechnique and is formalized in the EUR PLASMA Science which brings together 7 laboratories on the site.

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