6 PhD positions in photonics, Laserlab-NSC, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

We are seeking to recruit six Doctoral Researchers for a fixed term of three years to the PREIN Doctoral education pilot at the Faculty of Mathematics and Science. The positions are filled to our departments of Chemistry, Physics, and Biological and Environmental Science. We expect applicants to be ready to start on 1.8.2024 or 1.1.2025 and to be motivated to complete their dissertation within the three-year target period and to be employed in Finland after graduation.

The Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation (PREIN) leverages the interactions between light and matter for science and technology. Controlling light with matter has been key to countless innovations, such as lasers, lighting, screens, optogenetics, and biomedical imaging. Research at Laserlab-NSC is at the interface of photonics and advanced materials, both of which are considered Key Enabling Technologies (KET) for Europe’s future prosperity by the European Commission. Research and innovation in these areas have been identified as necessary for advancing both the green and digital transition, but skill shortages in Finland are currently damaging the growth prospects.

In response to this demand, the new doctoral education pilot will provide researchers with skills across the photonics and advanced materials interface, an interface that is, by its very nature, inter-sectoral, requiring collaboration and communication between industry and academia, and interdisciplinary, requiring researchers with skills and project-related knowledge of concepts across photonics, chemistry, material science, photophysics, molecular biology and device engineering.

Deadline 19th April 2024