2-year postdoc in experimental ultrafast spectroscopy at the University of Birmingham, UK

A 2-year postdoctoral position in experimental ultrafast spectroscopy is available in the group of Vas Stavros in the School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham, UK.

The Stavros group applies ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy techniques (in the gas-, solution-, and condensed-phase), to unravel the non-radiative decay processes responsible for driving the underlying photoprotection mechanisms in a number of molecular systems. These molecular systems are broad-ranging; from the biological building blocks of our genetic code (e.g., nucleic bases) to nature-based UVR filters found in plants and microorganisms. The postdoc will firstly assist in establishing an ultrafast laser laboratory in a soon-to-be-commissioned state-of-the-art laser laboratory. Secondly, they will investigate ultrafast photoprotection mechanisms in operation in a range of UVR filters found in nature and use this knowledge to establish ‘structure-dynamics-function’ insight. This insight will be used to propose next generation UVR filters and/or photostabilisers.

The Stavros group is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral candidate with a strong background in experimental ultrafast spectroscopy.


Deadline for application: 28 September 2023