2 postdoc positions for deep tissue nonlinear holographic microscopy at Colorado State University, USA

Colorado State University is seeking two postdoctoral applicants to work on a CZI-funded project for ultra deep nonlinear imaging inside of biological tissues. This work builds on a recently demonstrated second harmonic generation (SHG) holographic tomography (https://doi.org/10.1038/s41566-020-0638-5) that will be combined with coherent reflection matrices to enable SHG imaging at unprecedented depths. Postdocs will also be actively involved in the CZI deep tissue imaging team.

Review of applications starts immediately and the positions will remain open until successful candidates have been found. To apply, interested applicants should forward their CV including a publication list, contact details of three reference writers and a one-page description of their experience and research interests related to this position. For more information and for applying, please contact Randy Bartels directly.