2 Post-doc openings at "Sapienza" University of Rome, Italy

Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Scattering(FSRS) and Impulsive Vibrational Scattering (IVS) setups are available in our laboratories for performing pump-probe vibrational spectroscopywith time resolution of ~10fs and energy resolution of ~10cm -1 , in both frequency and time domains. Combined with our sub-picosecond
transient absorption (TA) setup they represent an ideal tool to address the dynamics of intermediates involved in chemical reactions of biomolecules or solid state ultrafast photocarrier dynamics induced by a femtosecond optical trigger.

The following research lines are currently available:
• Photoinduced relaxation in Lead Halide Perovskite: lattice dynamics upon photocarrier
injection probed by impulsive Raman spectroscopy;
• Ultrafast processes in biomolecules: time-resolved Raman spectroscopy of Hemeproteins,
conjugated molecules and photosynthetic complexes;
• Development of novel time-resolved Impulsive Vibrational Scattering experimental
schemes: wisely shaped pump and probe pulses for dissecting vibrational signatures;
• Multidimensional Coherent Raman spectroscopy.
• Time-resolved Raman micro-spectroscopy of 2D materials: heterostructures of graphene
and transition metal dichalcogenides

Initial appointment is for 1 year with possible extension upon mutual consent.

Your profile:
Candidates with hands on background in linear and non-linear optics are encouraged to apply.
Previous experiences with ultrafast lasers and/or coherent and/or time-resolved Raman spectroscopy and/or
transient absorption are highly appreciated. Excellent communication skills and team spirit are required.
Your task:
Prepare and carry out FSRS/IVS/TA experiments together with our team. Develop your own research
within the areas of interest of the group.

For an overview of our current research see:

Applications (including CV, list of publications and coordinates of at least two referees) should be addressed by
email to: tullio.scopigno@uniroma1.it